Man Arrested On Gun Charge Confesses To Three Killings In 1996

After nearly 25 years, three murders in North Las Vegas were finally solved when the suspect confessed while in police custody. Willis King Davis, 43, was arrested on January 12 for having a concealed handgun.

Davis told the officers that he was responsible for three gang-related killings in 1996. He told detectives that on May 18, 1996, he and two other friends who were members of the GPK gang went driving around looking for rival gang members. They found an 18-year-old male standing at a bus stop, and Davis said he opened fire, killing the teen.

He then admitted to killing two of his friends a few months later. He told police he asked to see one of their guns and then shot them both in the head. One of his victims survived and started to run away. Davis said that he chased him down and shot him a second time. One of his friends was in a rival gang.

Authorities said they believed Davis because he provided details about the crimes that only the killer would have known. He has been charged with three counts of murder with a deadly weapon and one count of conspiracy to commit murder.

"It's a great solace for the family members who wondered all these years what happened," Wayne Petersen, a retired LVMPD homicide detective, told KSNV.

Davis, who has a lengthy criminal history, did not say why he chose to confess to the murders after all these years.

Photo: North Las Vegas Police Department