Coldplay is getting ready to release their Kaleidoscope EP next month, a companion set of songs to the band's 2015 A Head Full of Dreams album, and they just shared a new track from the upcoming five-song record called "All I Can Think About Is You," and it is classic Coldplay.

"All I Can Think About Is You" holds true to Coldplay's signature sound, and contains some very romantic, dreamy lyrics. Chris Martin sings about a world full of "chaos," where "Trouble's on the outside," but all he can think about is his significant other. "But now, all I can think about is you/All I can think about is you," he sings in the chorus. "If all that I’m on earth to do/Is solo, then what a lone poor shoe/I want to walk in a two."

Coldplay also released a lyric video for "All I Can Think About You," directed by I Saw John First," that sees themes of evolution and space, among others, as the lyrics form across the screen.

Coldplay's Kaleidoscope EP will officially be released on July 14th and features five songs, including this new single, a live version of their Chainsmokers collab "Something Just Like This" that was recorded in Tokyo, "Hypnotised," and two new tracks "A L I E N S," and "Miracles (Someone Special)," which is a collab with Big Sean.  

Kaleidoscope EP

Photo: Getty Images